Just installed Atom, and it only opens as two background processes

I installed Atom opened it for a short while, then closed it because I had to go somewhere. When I get back and try to open it, it only opens as two background processes that don’t take any CPU but 7mb of RAM. I’ve tried restarting my computer, uninstalling and reinstalling, uninstalling then restarting my computer then reinstalling. Is there a fix for this?

I did some more messing around, I think I messed up one of the configurations so I’ll leave this as a way for people with the same issue.

You need to do a complete uninstall/reinstall just deleting the base folders won’t do anything you also need to delete the .atom folder located in C:\Users\User that will set all config to default when you reinstall

You don’t even need to reinstall Atom. Just delete the folders in .atom/ that get automatically generated (all folders except for dev/ and packages/) and that should be sufficient.

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