Just created a package to view font previews in the editor


Check it out: https://atom.io/packages/font-viewer

It creates a @font-face with the selected font and renders some sample text.
You can zoom in/out with cmd-+ and cmd–, just like the image-view package.
Next, I’d like to add support for changing the placeholder text.

Let me know your thoughts!


Nice idea, it would be even nicer to have some kind of detection of the unicode range supported by the font (especially useful with icon fonts) and some ui to changes the font style, size and weight.


It took me a little while, but v0.0.3 now reads the cmap table from the font and outputs a preview of all of the characters available in the set. I’d also like to add other stats to it like height, ascender, descender, units per em, and baseline. And add the ability to select a face to view if there are multiple in the file.


Hey @ericfreese,
Having an issue through apm upgrade to update the package or through Atom directly?..


Yup, same here, already reported the issue on github


Thanks guys! freetype2 is my first node native addon, and I’m not sure exactly what the problem is right now but hopefully will have it fixed soon. Github issue is at https://github.com/ericfreese/node-freetype2/issues/1 if anyone has any ideas.


Ok, I’m pretty confident it’s working now. Upgrading font-viewer to v0.1.0 should work fine. Thanks @abe for working with me to get it figured out.


I confirm that version 0.1.0 works fine :slight_smile:


For me too!
Thanks guys :smiley:


I am using the latest Atom setup for mac.
i have installed font-viewer using the command -
apm install font-viewer

The package installed successfully inside the .atom/packages directory
but when I open a .ttf font file, it doesn’t show anything.

Could anyone please check the issue and help me… ?? :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.