Jumping to line is intermittently broken


I can’t reproduce this reliably, but sometimes my Atom (1.2.4) has a lot of trouble jumping to the right line. In particular, often when I do a Find in Project and double-click an occurrence in a file that isn’t open, the file opens somewhere seemingly random. Also, just now, I’m finding that Undo is jumping to the wrong line completely, which in this case is a (minor) disaster because there’s some text I deleted that I want back, and I have no way to tell when to stop undoing. I’ve tried a number of things to try and make it snap out of it—resizing the text, undoing from a different frame, etc. It consistently jumps to the same line whenever I undo anything but the very last action; any further undos snap back to the same (wrong) line, and all I can do is watch the text shift up or down to see if the undo created or removed a line break.


Have you considered updating to the latest version of Atom? The current Stable release is v1.8.0.


Cripes! I thought it had stopped updating for some reason. Didn’t realize how bad I’d let it get …

(Edit: Oh, that’s why. I’m using the Ubuntu Wily package. Anything to do besides apt-get purging, then installing the .deb from atom.io?)


If you purge it, you might lose your ~/.atom folder. Best to do a normal remove.


!! Good call :slight_smile: