Jump to last edit location, does Atom support this?


I love the feature to jump to the last edit location, so that I can scroll around in the file and quickly jump back to where I was working. Does Atom have this functionality built-in or is there any plugin for that?


Something like this?


Not really, that just jumps between cursor locations. I’d rather be able to jump to the last place edited. This enables me to navigate around the file and click on places when needed and still get back to the place I was changing


Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA have both functions, so they might fit together in one package; alternatively, I think you might need to fork and modify this plugin for your goal.
To me, the interesting question is how to add this feature; the plugin should listen on events for arbitrary text changes to record the solution. However, I cannot even find the list of all accessible events in the Atom docs, and the source is not so helpful yet.

Overall, what’s the event the plugin should listen on to get notified of all edits?


I’m not sure listening to all edits is the correct way to go about it, but the TextBuffer class is actually one of the few classes that has documentation of its events:


I would love this… any progress on the plugin?


Ctrl+Z Ctrl+Y (or whatever your undo redo keybinds are)


The JetBrains version (IntelliJ, Rubymine, Phpstorm, Webstorm) allows one to “navigate back” even if edits have not been made. I also love this feature. I’ve installed and used the https://atom.io/packages/last-cursor-position package, and it implements this feature very well!

However, in reading this thread, one gains insight into how JetBrains in-some-ways-mighty IDEs have evolved into monolithic applications that hang for 200ms on every single click.


For those who are looking for this feature (jump to the last edit location), I started a package which tries to cover that : https://atom.io/packages/goto-last-edit
It’s not the same as the last-cursor-position package since it just goes to the last edit cursor position.


Here is another back/forward package-