Julia-client internal error (unmatched method)


Dear all,

I face the error downside.Yet I have installed the new version Atom 1.12.6. I have activated juno to execute julia, what else ?

Julia Client – Internal Error
MethodError: bind has no method matching bind(::Media.Binding{Any}, ::Atom.Editor, ::Task)
Closest candidates are:
bind{T}(!Matched::Lazy.Binding{T}, ::T, ::Task)
bind{T}(!Matched::Function, !Matched::Lazy.Binding{T}, ::T)
[inlined code] from C:\Users\Wael Sboui 22987392.julia\v0.4\Lazy\src\dynamic.jl:67
in anonymous at C:\Users\Wael Sboui 22987392.julia\v0.4\Atom\src\eval.jl:74
in lock at C:\Users\Wael Sboui 22987392.julia\v0.4\Atom\src\eval.jl:49
in anonymous at C:\Users\Wael Sboui 22987392.julia\v0.4\Atom\src\eval.jl:73
in handlemsg at C:\Users\Wael Sboui 22987392.julia\v0.4\Atom\src\comm.jl:82
[inlined code] from C:\Users\Wael Sboui 22987392.julia\v0.4\Atom\src\comm.jl:18
in anonymous at task.jl:63


Juno has its own message board, which probably contains more people who would know how to help you.


Okay thank you for the dispatching