JSHINT stops Atom



I found a bug on the JSHint package. As I don’t know how to create an issue on the repository of the owner I post it here.

I’m using Ubuntu 14.04 and the last version of Atom (0.196). I have installed the last version of this package too.

To reproduce the bug: Create a new JavaScript file and on the first line start to write a function declaration. At the moment you’re writing the function keyword or the name of the function Atom stops working.

If I disable the package Atom works fine.


You can find the Bugs link in the header of the package page on https://atom.io/packages or on the “Report Issue” link on the package’s page in the Settings View. Since there are a number of JSHint packages, I’ll let you determine which one you’re using:


Sounds like switching to linter and linter-jshint might be the right solution: