JsFiddle lookalike theme annoucement


Hey guys I’ve just released a theme I just build with the look of JsFiddle light but with some tweaks.

Work well for React with Babel Es6

Let me know what you think of it. This is my first theme so.


I gave it a star, soo beautiful, and it fits perfectly with material theme.
But, still there are some problems, it’s not look good on some fonts, in my case Fira Code:


Thank you I appreciate it. Gonna check it today.


What you think of this change ?


Cool! Very nice.
Humm, I think someone should make a fork of this for vscode too :slight_smile:


Yep perfect I want to improve it so if you have any idea let me know. I change a bit the css too.


Make new update working well now with MarkDown and Less