JSDoc/YUIDoc Syntax Highlighting


It would be really nice if Atom had support for JSDoc/YUIDoc syntax highlighting. Currently this is what YUIDoc syntax looks like with the Pen Paper Coffee theme:

It’s strange though, as @TODOs are highighted:

Perhaps the rule needs to be changed so instead of @TODO, it is all words inside comments that are prefixed with @.

In case this is an issue with the theme, I’ve created an issue with them here.


It’s strange though, as @TODOs are highighted:

TODO is highlighted because it is inside a comment. You can omit the @ and it will still be highlighted.
TODO highlighting is not javascript specific afaik, but works inside comments of any, or atleast most languages I have come across. Same goes for FIXME.


That kind of support could definitely be added. See this Pull Request where I added something similar for Ruby:

This is because of the language-todo package.