JSCS linter suddenly broken


I had been using it for weeks successfully. I just installed John Papa’s “hottowel” generator.

I wound up ditching the project created with it as insanely complicated for what I need and went about simply creating a plain single-page angular app from scratch. However, now I see this: The linter binary 'jscs' cannot be found. at the bottom of the window.

I checked Terminal with which jscs and got /usr/local/bin/jscs as expected. I then put this path into the jscs linter settings (it had been set to the default. The JSCS version is 1.13.1.

I opened an old project, and the error was not there. However, no errors displayed in the gutter. I forced an error, and if it put my cursor in the (non-indicated) error I could see the box

What happened , and how do I get it functioning again? I also reported it here https://github.com/AtomLinter/linter-jscs/issues/52


I am also experiencing the same issue. I noticed after the jscs linter package had updated.

Prior to that I had both jscs and jshint linters working fine. I will try to document what’s wrong as well and post it as an issue.


Also having this problem.


I can confirm the same issue with pylint.

Atom reports “The linter binary ‘pylint’ cannot be found”, but it is clearly in my path.


Pylint mysteriously began working again. The only change I’m aware of is that the package “haskell-ghc-mod”–which I had disabled–was updated.


If you’re on OS X, Atom will have a different PATH depending on whether you launch it from the Terminal or from the Dock.