jQuery Trigger - Event names with ':' treated as Atom Commands


Hello. I’ve been working on a package which uses some open source Javascript libraries, and I noticed after the 0.207 update that my load times were tanking. I found a fix today, and wanted to share it in case anyone else is running into this issue.

The culprit turned out to be the Deprecation Cop, which was flagging every jQuery.trigger call, reminding me that in 1.0, Atom commands can not be called by trigger. The trouble is, I wasn’t triggering Atom commands, just normal events that are part of a library I’m using.

After spending a couple days trying to figure out how to refactor the offending library to no longer use trigger, on a whim I tried renaming my events to remove the colon (:slight_smile: and voila, no more deprecation alert, load times back to normal.

TLDR: Event names with ‘:’ in them are treated as Atom Commands, whether they actually are or not, and calls to the Deprecation Cop are expensive.
-Wu Li


This should be posted as a bug on atom/atom.


Would you mind opening an issue for this on atom/deprecation-cop? (Not atom/atom)