Job Queue for Electron


Is there any queue library that can be use inside electron without having external database dependency like redis and mongodb?

I am looking into creating a desktop app with electron using a database like NeDB and would like to have a job queue to let child process get job to process in the background. ( Not sure if this is also possible ).


I don’t know if a library but things like this aren’t terribly hard to build. I don’t see why it wouldn’t be possible in electron. I have something similar running now. I have an application with a central server that recieves tasks and queues them. Clients connect and register for the types of jobs that they can process. The server distributes the jobs to clients for processing when they are ready. I had the server running initially as a node script alone. It’s now wrapped in electron with ui to start/stop the server, shows connected clients, shows queued, processing and completed tasks, etc.