I successfully have published the jedit theme I have been working on.

This is not exactly the same as the real jedit page, because I like this so much more than jedit, I will hopefully be releasing another version of this package which almost exactly the same to jedit.

I also have released another theme on jedit which looks more like Jedit then the other one

Have fun!

~ @StevenCopeland


Also I have a question. How would you create a theme pack?


Hi Steven.

Thanks for sharing your styling theme.

Did you have any one grammar in mind when you styled the theme?
Which grammars did you check?

As person preference the background is too dark and the numbers too red.



I’m not sure what you mean…


In your screen capture of the package, you have JS / LESS / JSON files open.

Did you see what the colouring looks like on other languages (grammars) like HTML, C++ and Python and so on. The reason - Some languages use only standard scopes, yet others have extended some more.

Now I would expect you tested your syntax colours against one or more languages - which?

May I recommend you show screen captures on your project page to show the ones you tested for, and ones you are happy with.

As a “customer” of a theme, I like to see what the theme looks like under (tested) conditions. It is a hassle to switch themes just to be able to feel comfortable working with a language grammar.

{please read as friendly conversation… even if opinionated}


That is true, I have only tested it against MD, JS, LESS, JSON, CSS, and HTML. Also I have to do the I know languages, So I could not do C, C#, and C++ unless I had snippets, but I will try it against HTML & CSS(retest), Ruby, Python, Java, etc.


Do you want me to post screen shots of each test?


My friend Steven - you do as what you think is good.

I am a n00b. I have given you my feedback as a ‘customer’ and as an outsider to your project.

If you want to make a scientific approach to designing themes -

  1. investigate what is “colour theory” [like “complimentary colours”]
  2. how ‘text smoothing’ algorithms are influenced on a pure black background.
  3. does combination colour choices has a correlation with an individual’s choice in music? (soothing vs energetic)

See it as the words of a consultant… for free. You decide if it is helpful or not.


:+1: I think understand, Thank you so mush for sharing your point a view!


I released another theme which looks more like Jedit then the other one.


Hi Steven,

I do like the background colour far more than the black you had before. How do you feel about it?

In my opinion the red is just too red… it ‘hurts’ my eyes to look at it. That is my personal view - what is your opinion?

Possible marketing strategy for your projects

Hard-core coders have a difficulty to understand it - but to make a project attractive to others, it is not enough to just put the code down. Consider making it more ‘human’. The front page should market why your project should get attention.

Pictures convince those who idly browse through the themes. Showcasing the different highlighting is then important.

Coupled with this, those who are only 90% at home with your selection would want to know what you plan for future expansion. A TODO list will be helpful. Else a statement that invite people to make suggestions or welcoming contributions. Putting down what experiences you had (blog style; can be external via a link) also attract visits.

Running a good project has to do as much with public relations as with the work. UNLESS it is only for your own purposes and you are making your work available for others to look at. That is okay too - but less people will dig into what you have done.

Such is my opinion; you are welcome to disregard my analysis.

Happy coding!


I agree, I’ll create a new version with some of our ideas. Which languages are the most popular?


It probably wouldn’t be too hard to create a tool that takes a theme’s files, compiles them, and then displays a web page with a section for every single language package in Atom (at least, all the ones we can locate based on being called language-, plus ones like magicpython). Each section could be collapsed, with a title bar featuring the package name and author, and a button to expand the section so that you can see every combination of style tags bestowed by the package. @psmitt has already done and shared a lot of the work that would be required for compiling a master list of style tags, and a web app like this could be hosted for free at Netlify. Considering all of this information, it’s definitely something that’s within my skill level to develop. I just don’t have a personal need for it, so I would want buy-in and contributions (in terms of ideas if not code) from someone doing active theme development.

[SUGGESTION] The ATOM mentorship program. Voting open