JavaScript Syntax Highlighting Error


Notice that most of the text is in white. The JS syntax shows objects as white, and properties also as white. I’m unsure how to get proper highlighting.

The code is within a JS file, and is being views as a JS file. The “language-javascript” package is installed. I am using Ocean Reef as a theme, however changing the theme doesn’t matter.

I feel like there is some setting I’m not seeing.


There is an Issue tracking this:


Yes, I’m disappointed too that a primary language such as JavaScript has such poor support. But the authors prefer CoffeeScript, which might explain some.

But if you and I and others keep bringing it up, perhaps it will speed change.


Actually, @bobrocke, there is a similar issue for CoffeeScript:

The Atom team wants both CoffeeScript and JavaScript to be fully supported languages for Atom.


I stand corrected! :slight_smile:


As someone who is trying to take their level of JS and raise it faster and better, I find it to be a bit of an obstacle. It honestly might result in switching Applications to Sublime or Brackets.

I want to learn faster and better so I can write more efficiently.


Coffeescript definitely wins in that category.


If anyone wants to revisit the whole CoffeeScript vs. JavaScript debate, it is archived here:

Other than that, let’s keep the discussion around strategies to fix the JavaScript syntax highlighting.