Javascript files stop working when Click off IDE


I am having an issue with For some reason, I can’t work on any Javascript files. And it it js files only. So, when i type anything in a js files, as soon as i click out of the IDE like on my desktop, when I click back on the IDE, the cursor starts to flicker and doesn’t let me type anything. and only way to stop is to close the js Tab. But when I go back to it, the file is empty. Ive Been searching google and Atoms website. cant find a solution. Already tried to uninstall & reinstall atom & still no fix.


Did this just start happening recently? Does it happen when you start Atom from the command line with atom --safe?


Wow, didn’t even think of that. I always start Atom through the command line. I’ll try using Atom safe as well as just opening it through the app


So i dont get the issue anymore. thank you for the help. The issuer only happens when cd to the folder i want open through terminal and then use atom . Everything is now working perfectly


I spoke to soon, issue is still happening & atom --safe doesnt work in my terminal


That’s a really strange issue.


its been going on for about 3 days now & i cant find any information on google.


Only way i got the issue to stop way by running mv $~/.atom ~/.atom-backup