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This morning, I used GitBash and Atom (modified a file and commit/pushed to master) OK, then, a couple of hours later, GitBash works as expected, but I can’t open Atom. I get this message:

AFAIK, I didn’t do anything to my system in between sessions, like, an hour or two after successfully using Atom, as usual.

The only thing different that I know of is I’m working online from my phone hot spot, instead of Wi-Fi, although I was on the hot spot when it worked earlier this morning.

Do I need to run an update or something?

Thanks a milli.


I’m on Windows 10 Enterprise, 64-bit, a Microsoft corporate user in GitHub.


Can you open Atom outside of GitBash?


No. I get that same error message. When I click OK, it just closes. Thanks.


I would recommend uninstalling and reinstalling Atom. For there to be a problem in the main process like it is reporting, most likely something got corrupted in your installation :slight_frown:


That took care of it. Thanks, @leedohm.


I also had this problem.