Java input "atom"

Hello guys, this is my first time using Atom, I got introducing about this editor by my professor. On the way I am using it, I got some problems that I cant run the code (program) because before I was using BlueJ and I switched to Atom. I searched online for the solutions and I got help. Then I can run the code, but I got another problem that my program (code) taking input but I don’t know how! Can someone help me with??
Input: .next(), .nextLine(), nextInt() or .nextDouble()

First tip … use the Search feature at top of this page to get answers to common questions

For example

Search term: Java input

Next tip: Choose the terminal package which allows input (Script does not).

Next tip: Broaden your horizon and explore using Atom as a link in a development “toolchain”. For example I have recently linked Atom to IntelliJ IDEA (free Community version) for Java development. Or even link Atom to VSCode. So you can edit files in Atom and pass to IntelliJ IDEA using package process-palette to pass variables (read the process-palette documents - see Packages at top of this pge).

Final tip: Read through the Atom Flight Manual.

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