Java-ide package usage



I need help. I try to use the ide-jave package on Atom to work on Java code properly. But I still get the same error message : “Classpath is incomplete”. I know that I need to have a pom.xml file, build.gradle file or at least default eclipse setting files in my folder (“Classpath-is-incomplete”-warning). But the code was provided to me, I didn’t started it from scratch so I don’t know how to have a pom or a build file.

Can you please help me ?
My file hierarchy look like this :

What do I need to do ?

Thank you for your help.


The package ide-java has a setting (Edit>Preferences>Packages>ide-java>Settings) for precisely this. This has options for each severity, including ignore. No need for various configuration files.

Also note the the documentation it links to for help is for an entirely different package, vscode-java and the steps described there probably won’t work with ide-java at all. There’s already an issue to rectify this oversight though.