I've some typical problem in Atom Editor


please elaborate this problem and fix it guys as soon as possible


?>>> What are you attempting to do?


Just compiling a simple C program to display a variable with a number(for testing)

but that ain’t the issue i’ve done a lot of coding in Atom , but for a month or so it’s generating this message while i’m compiling a c program


Sorry to ask… is this a ATOM related issue.
To me it seems like a C compiler issue.

Sure, someone might be able to give some ideas, but you will have to give more information also. Like: OS / compiler name and version. Have you tried to install the compiler in a more simple (and shorter) directory, add it to your path and then test it with some code you compiled before?

Disclaimer… What I know of C and its compilers is are dangerous enough to start World War III.


What package are you using to compile C? Do you actually have code files in AppData\Local\Temp\Code?


I’m using gpp compiler package for compiling c and c++ @DamnedScholar


Please tell me more about the environment. What’s the name of the file? What’s the directory that the file is in? What are your config settings for gpp-compiler?


Name of the file is Code 1.c
and it’s stored in a folder called “Codolls” @DamnedScholar


looks like the space in the file name is the problem. try removing it or replacing with an underscore.


:ok_hand: { Nice little detail!! }

Encasing the name in quotes will also help.