Iterative development with other transpilers (TypeScript, Traceur, JSX, etc.)


Obviously Atom has built-in support for transpiling .coffee files to .js. The edit-refresh cycle is pretty sweet.

Is it possible to set things up to work seamlessly with other transpilers? I was hoping that my scripts/prepublish in package.json would get run on reload so that I could use that. Is there some other place in the package.json where I can hook in?

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Are you talking about adding support for other transpilers for Atom package development? Or something else?


Let’s say I’m developing my Atom package in TypeScript. What is the best way to configure Atom so that it turns my TypeScript into JavaScript automatically when I run window:reload to test my Atom package?


There isn’t currently support for using TypeScript (or other JavaScript-type dialect) in place of CoffeeScript in Atom. That’s not to say it couldn’t be added … but there isn’t an easy switch to flip.

On the other hand, there is this post that says they made it work:


Isn’t the usual way to get FooScript compiled to JavaScript to simply use a watch script in gulp or other workflow manager? That’s the way I do CS and possibly soon Traceur/es6.


I would be very surprised if any transpiler did not have a watch capability available.

Edit: fixed my total reversal of meaning. Changed “did” to “did not”.


Thanks, I’m trying gulp now. Interestingly, Traceur offers traceur.require/traceur.require.makeDefault: Presumably it eliminates the need to use a file watcher, which seems nice.