Items in the status-bar selection and size

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I want to reduce the amount of space the file path takes up on the task-bar, or remove it completely, but can’t find the package or any files that mention a “file path” container or object in relation to the status-bar.

Can the font size, or size of item, be changed just for the file path while leaving the other items alone? As you can see, my file path can be a screen hog.

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If you look at that part of the interface in the inspector, you’ll see that it has specific classes that you can use to target it with CSS.

In your styles.less, you can override that with max-width: 20vw (the default that the CSS rule shown overrides), any other value you like, or display: none; to remove it entirely.

Thanks very much!! Took me a while to get the less syntax correct, but the developer tool advice made the pin-drop for my understanding of how css / less works with the stylesheet!

.status-bar {
font-size: 20px;
.inline-block.file-info {
max-width: 20vw;

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No problem. :slight_smile: