It'd be great if Core Settings > Ignored Names accepted paths


Use case:
I work with a CMS and I don’t want the admin theme showing up in Fuzzy Finder or the Tree View. The theme is named Ascent, so I can set ascent as one of the ignored names.

However, if I work on something that uses the name ascent, it won’t show up since it’s ignored. Setting a path to the admin theme would alleviate this problem.


Yes !

Another example, in a rails application, I don’t want vendor/cache/whatever to be listed


I might be crazy … but I could have sworn that they already did this?

@ProbablyCorey, @kevinsawicki am I imagining this? Does Ignored Names accept path-like globs too? Not just file-like globs?

Edit: Nope … I guess I was wrong:


The fuzzy finder uses globs now for ignored names, the tree view needs to be updated to use it as well.


Strange… I’m so sure it didn’t work earlier (and that there were no typos), but it does now. Like you said, Tree View doesn’t respect it, though.


I’m not sure how I could weigh in on this the most, but it’s the one thing I’m still missing after moving from Sublime. Would love to have this feature!


Agreed. This would be very nice.