It would be nice to a little closer to SublimeText's functionality for snippets


Two bits of functionality we miss from SublimeText’s snippet implementation are the pop-down UI when you’ve entered the trigger text to let you know you can hit tab to generate the snippet and the ability for the snippet to set the cursor to multiselect. For instance, we write a fair amount of puppet code here and the class snippet includes both a comment and functional code snippet where the class name is in both as a matter of style for documentation. SublimeText is able to select the default text for the class’s name in both areas and allow us to type the name at both selection points.

The first item is useful because for a large language, remembering what is and isn’t tabbable is difficult. The second item is just pure efficiency and has come up more often than I would have thought.

Showing possible snippet completions
How could I add a framework api prompt?

I too would like this.
One of my most used snippets is:

console.log('$1', $1);

and I miss it when working in atom.


This is something we are working on. You can track the issue at


That issue is about multiple cursors in snippets. I was curious about showing possible snippet triggers like ST, but my thread was closed and forwarded here.


If you look at the original post on this thread, it mentions functionality much like you’re talking about, specifically “pop-down UI”. We unify threads to make it easier for people to find answers and like minded discussions, rather than having a bunch of single-post threads.

If you want to discuss making snippets work more like SublimeText’s … this is the place to do it.


I’ve made a [new issue][1] just for that.