It is not opening


I try to open after closing after restarting a computer and it doesn’t open. Atom opens only if I restart the computer and only once. After closing …/// nothing


Did you try starting Atom from the command line: atom --safe.

…and please state the version of Atom and flavour of OS


It opened. Windows 10, last version of Atom. Thanks. But how can I open it without the command prompt?


Normally there is a package that is giving a problem when Atom opens in SAFE mode but not in the normal mode. SAFE mode only starts the essential parts. At this moment we do not know if Atom can start normally.

Please open Atom again in the command line. This time plainly without any attributes simply as atom. Open - close - open - close. If this works correctly, then we have to investigate on the way that Windows is opening the application - in my humble opinion.

We could also construct a BAT (batch) file if command line opening works.

Please never say latest version of Atom, best to specify exactly which version. For all I know you are running an alpha or beta version. Or worse, got the application from {site who attaches adware to downloads}.



Okay. I am sorry for latest version, but this problem appeared or after installing terminal for atom (package), or after installing Pug, using this terminal. I will try to delete terminal. I’ll write you.