It is more slower to close a tab with Ctrl-w than mouse


I install the atom by choco install atom on windows 7. It is very slow to close a tab with ctrl-w. It workes well if I closed using the mouse.


Can you see if that’s still the case after opening atom with atom --safe?
Do you have any packages that may do a lot of session saving or something when the core-close or pane-close event is triggered?


I tried atom --safe. It works quite well. I didn’t install any third party packages .


Ok, there may be something with the pre-installed packages then.
You could try running atom normally, then disabling one package at a time, starting with those that probably work with active panes, such as session or setting savers etc… See at which point it suddenly starts picking up again.

A bit arduous, I know.


I found the reason. In fact I installed a third-party package: Vim Mode. Everything works well when I disable Vim Mode.
Thank you !