Issues with tidy


I have been receiving errors for reasons I don’t understand. I tried to uninstall and reinstall atom to see if the errors would disappear, but they haven’t. Please help!



What’s wrong? The red dots are from a linting package you have, most likely linter-htmlhint


The errors are being generated by a package, so in no way would Atom’s state have an influence on them. If you believe the package to be malfunctioning, you can try reinstalling it, but the error messages are perfectly readable and likely completely valid. Was there a time when you had this same code open and tidy did not complain about the tags? If so, when did the error messages appear?


This is the first time I have had error messages such as this, it started the other day. The errors don’t make sense to me though. I don’t see an issue. As soon as I opened this code in atom the errors appeared. The code came from a course I am taking and others in the class are not having the same issue and the instructor doesn’t know why this is happening either. I’m not sure how to remedy the issue. I am new to coding, so my knowledge is very limited. I was hoping someone here would know. Thank you.


Do all the students have the same packages installed?


it may depend on which operating system they are using. I downloaded directly from the link provided by my instructor. I haven’t had this issue with previous lesson though.


What link did your instructor provide? Did all of the packages come with it or did you download them separately?


I should have specified that I originally downloaded it from the link my professor supplied but earlier today I uninstalled atom and them reinstalled directly from the site, the most current version. Still no change. This is what I installed today. The packages came with it.


When you uninstalled Atom, nothing happened to the packages. You have to mess with them separately. The packages are all in your ~/.atom/ folder. It might be hidden, since you’re using Mac and it will recognize .atom as a config folder.

You can easily go into Settings -> Packages, scroll down to linter-tidy (or something like that, whatever is invoking the tidy program), and click the Disable button to shut it off. That will quiet the error messages.


ok. Thank you, I can do that. Will that disable all “error catching”. I like having some sort of aid in recognizing errors since I am new to this and make mistakes.


That will disable that specific error catcher, which is currently pronouncing that there are errors when there shouldn’t be. I don’t use that error catcher myself, so I can’t speak about its reliability. I presume that there are people who know how to use it and gain value from it, but it seems to be of negative utility for you. When you know more, maybe you will decide otherwise.

It may benefit you to take a stroll through Atom’s package ecosystem, by searching for keywords that interest you (like linter, html, or project), and reading through what various packages offer. I understand that you are using Atom for a class, and it’s great for that, but I think it’s better when you take it and make it your own. Atom rewards you for learning about it by being customizable to whatever you want it to do, and there are many people in the community who have experienced a problem and felt motivated to solve it, so if linter-tidy is not the error checker for you, I’m sure you will find one.


Thank you so much for all or your help and explanations. I have figured out how to, and have disabled tidy. Again, I really appreciate it!