Issues with Python in Linux

I am just starting to learn programming with Python (Python 3.6.9) on Atom in Ubuntu 18.04. I am following an online course through MITx. Every time I start Atom, I get a message “Unable to start Python language server.”
I have no trouble running very rudimentary code correctly, such that:
print(“Hello World!”)
produces the correct output of:
Hello World!
However, when I try the code:
print(“Yankees rule!”)
print(“But not in Boston!”)
print(“Yankees rule,”, “but not in Boston!”)

I get:
[Command: python -u /home/user/]
Yankees rule!
But not in Boston!
(‘Yankees rule,’, ‘but not in Boston!’)
[Finished in 0.029s]
Instead of what the books says should happen:
Yankees rule!
But not in Boston!
Yankees rule, but not in Boston!
Furthermore, Atom does not show the answers to computational problems, such as:
2 + 3
Instead of producing an output of 5, as my textbooks says should happen, it simply tells me that the programme has finished running and how long it took.
If anyone can help me with these problems, it would be much appreciated.