Issues with init window position


I am sure that this is an issue with a super simple solution, that I am failing to figure out.
When I start atom, windows seem to be positioned under the mac app bar, disabling my ability to reposition.
I am able to full screen the window, and resize the window’s base, but not move the window.
Example of init position and resize.

As you can imagine this issue makes work difficult. Where am I going wrong?
Atom: v0.122.0
OS X: v10.9.4

Atom starts under the tool bar

You can try this packages:

Then you can open the config file and manually change the position of the window.


Is there any sort of documentation for going through that process? Picked up atom yesterday, still trying to figure everything out. I used apm to install the packages through terminal.


I recommend this app regardless of this bug, but it should be able to work around it. Please let us know how it works out;


Cool app. Solved the problem of getting the window off the top of the screen.

@Abe: thank you for the packages, when you get a chance link me somewhere I can research the process you suggested. :slight_smile:


I have the exact same problem after updating to the latest Atom version.


Same problem here. Super annoying to have to use another app to get control of my window all of a sudden!


+1, sometimes the whole window appears off my screen so I can’t even see it. Plus OS X fullscreen behaves… oddly. (yes I am the one person who uses fullscreen!)

A bunch of commits tagged 0.123 seem to be related to OS X fullscreen, window positioning etc. so I imagine this is related to the problem. I don’t have time right now to go through them and investigate, though.


Well yeah, I mean I have a window manager myself as well. But I discover this bug as well, so it would be amazing if it gets fixed :smile:



There are issues open for this:

The second one appears to be fixed, so we’re just waiting for it to bubble up to Atom proper.


Thanks for posting this, sir. It’s always fun to see the wheels turning and bugs getting fixed!


Thanks! That just fixed the problem and made me discover a beautiful app :slight_smile: