Issues on CentOS 7


These are my notes for installation on CentOS7

  1. There isn’t a download link on the main atom page for Linux. You have to read the notes on “source” installation to get the RPM link, even though I am not downloading the source.
  2. RPM doesn’t have proper dependencies. Should have dependencies for gtk2 GConf2 libXtst
  3. The default font on CentOS 7 is proportional font. What font should be installed and how do you do it? Probably another RPM dependency required.
  4. None of the menu items under “Help” work. I imagine this is because I don’t have a internet browser installed, but there is no error message or anything. Just silence. The only thing that works is Help->Release Notes
  5. I’m using this for C++. I don’t see any features that let me navigate the call tree or dependencies, like “go to declaration” or similar. My friend has this on his Ubunto box, so I’m not sure why I don’t get it
  6. I’ve got Autocomplete Clang installed, but when I hit Ctrl-Space, I get a list of every word in the current file, not methods for the object.

RPM doesn't have proper dependencies for CentOS?
What font should be installed for Atom on CentOS?
There isn't a download link for CentOS?
I'm using Atom for C++
None of the menu items under Help work?
Issue with Autocomplete-Clang on CentOS

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