Issues including scripts


I’m using electron to build a simple editor. So far i’m loving electron, however I’m having one issue I just cant figure out. I’m including a js file however i’m repeatedly getting ‘TypeError: Cannot read property ‘init’ of undefined’ errors. The script works fine in browser, just not in electron. I’ve tried the normal <script src="medium-editor.min.js"></script> but that didn’t work, after a little googling, I found <script>window.$ = window.MediumEditor = require('./medium-editor.min.js');</script> but still no luck. Any ideas?



Have you been following the Electron Quick Start guide?


To some extent yes, the application runs fine, my onload.js runs fine too, it’s purely this additional script, medium-editor.js that does not. What am I missing here? I’ve re-read the quick start and it doesn’t really go into the matter.


Once you’ve loaded the first JS file in the initial loading HTML, you shouldn’t need HTML anymore. You might want to take a look at how Atom does it:


Have you tried the NPM module of the same name?

const MediumEditor = require('medium-editor')
const editor = new MediumEditor('.editable')


That worked perfectly! Thanks!