Issues/Bug for Beginners


I want to contribute to atom project. I am a beginner. Can anyone help in finding beginner issue/bug (or good first bugs) ?


You’re best off contributing to Atom’s packages because they are easier to test and build. Pick your most used package and find a Issue you would like to work on.


I’ll second this suggestion. That’s what I did. It’s actually rather fun!


Thanks @dsandstrom @claman I have started with working on packages :slight_smile:


@kumarrishav, which package have you chosen?


@svsudhir As i am a beginner and will be my first contribution, i started with a tiny package ‘find-selection’. Once my hand get dirty with codes , i will work on more packages. :smile:


Hi I am also a beginner to open source world, I am comfortable with Java, I have the basic knowledge in Python and JavaScript I’d like to contribute to Atom, I am looking for a experienced developer as a mentor to help me familiarize with this project and also the open source world. I successfully built the project on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS,