Issue With Windows 10


Dear All,

We tried to install Atom and GIT Bash on the same Machine but when we are trying to run any command and if some word want to delete using backspace, after deleting some of the word it stop deleting.

Kindly let me know if any one have any idea.


I haven’t seen an issue like this. Have you tried using the Keybinding Resolver (Cmd+. on OS X and Ctrl+. on other platforms)? It will show you what key Atom saw you press and the command that was triggered because of it.

(It is also mentioned in the Debugging section of the Atom Flight Manual.)


Thanks for your suggestion,

We tried the same but if we are deleting the word using back space after
deleting few words backspace stop working to delete.

Please let me know if any solution for the same.


Dhananjai Mishra



As I said, I haven’t seen a problem like this. What did you see in the Keybinding Resolver when the key stopped working?