Issue with tree-view

How to disable this feature ‘‘green color’’ on tree view which ignore some folders like node_modules … or how to get it like default

The project you’ve opened is version-controlled, intentionally or not. Green items indicated newly added file or folders, whereas modified items are coloured yellow.

I haven’t been able to find a setting that allows disabling this feature, but you can always override the style in your user stylesheet.


.list-tree li.list-nested-item.status-added > .list-item,
.list-tree li:not(.list-nested-item).status-added,
.list-tree li.list-nested-item.status-modified > .list-item,
.list-tree li:not(.list-nested-item).status-modified
  color: @text-color !important;

Thank you, but there is another way to disable this instead of changing style … the problem is tree-view ignore my git ignore files which i couldn’t get it

You should be able to uncheck “Hide VCS Ignored Files” in the tree-view settings to show files in .gitignore


The colors are controlled by your theme. You could find a theme that doesn’t color them or create your own or override the colors in your styles.less as described above.