Issue with Touch events (scrolling) on tablet


I am using a Surface Pro 2 (Windows 8.1 x64).
Most of the time it is hooked up to a keyboard/mouse and monitor, so this is only an occasional issue.

I found when atom editor is open I cannot use touch events to click or select things (cursor position, text etc) - in fact sometimes it selects a position about an inch higher and to the left of where I press.

Also scrolling using finger gestures is not working.

Love this editor, I understand it is in Alpha but I wanted to raise the issue to see if it can be fixed.

As an example, Google chrome allows me to use touch events to click links on pages, and scroll using gestures (swipe up/down).


An issue was filed here:


Thanks @leedohm, yep I set DPI back to 100% and the touch events work as per the githbu issue.
But still no gesture scrolling (as per the github issue).

What should I do with this topic?


We generally leave it open until the issue is resolved so that others can contribute here the information they find or thoughts they have. Once the issue is fixed, then we close the topic.


I have checked version 121 and now my touch events are correct (scrolling issue still occurs), which means I can now tap to put the cursor in a specific position, and use the settings screen easily.

Thanks! :smile:


For reference, this issue on the repo deals with that as well, and it has been noted there that touch is working better now.