Issue with Indic Telugu Font when typing complex words



I have recently started using Atom to type some text in my native Indic language Telugu. Everything is great until i typed some of the complex words originating from centuries old text. Its what i can categorize as complex words in Telugu. Not everyday we use them, but they need to be accurately represented nevertheless.

I am currently using the google Indic languages keyboard for typing the text. I verified typing the same with Atom, in the Chrome browser, In Indic language typing page of google and also Evernote. So far Evernote is the only one which does great and represented the word right.

I am attaching an image which explains how the word is represented right, how its represented by atom, and what keys one needs to press to reproduce the issue.

I understand that some expertise in Indic languages, especially Telugu if need be, is required to understand this problem. In Telugu, multiple letters can glue together and form a single sound. When they glue together, a representation of letters that are being glued are written one under another to the original starting letter. This makes the representation more complex. But if Evernote does it right, i guess you guys can correct it. :slight_smile:

Please prioritize this issue so that Atom can represent indic languages accurately.


Forgot to add the image in previous post. I apologize. Here you go.


Prasad Velidi


If the issue is with selecting the right font for the Atom editor, i have observed the Nirmala UI font which comes with Microsoft Windows 8 or above does this best. I wanted to see if i can manually select that in Atom, but i do not know how.