Issue with Autocomplete-Clang on CentOS


Continuing the discussion from Issues on CentOS 7:

Looking over the description of the autocomplete-clang package, it doesn’t mention anything about Ctrl+Space, are you sure you’re using it correctly?


I’m not sure I’m using it correctly. Ctrl-Space is a standard IDE method for displaying completions (both Visual Studio and Clion support that). It does display a list of completions; the list is just not the ones I expected.


I suspect you should be using one of the autocompletion keys like they mention in the documentation.


I would, if there was documentation… see my other issue: Can you show me the link to the documentation on auto complete?


The documentation for autocomplete-clang is here: It appears that it has its own separate autocompletion system than the built-in one, hence the confusion.

The overall documentation on Atom is at: