Issue document CrashReporter?


Hello everybody,

I develop a php server to receive reports of crash. (some problems to use mini-breakpad-server and socorro). If you know a php free project, I’m interested.

When my application crash (with process.crash() in renderer), I’ve this temp file automaticaly create:


In documentation, I don’t find “rept, ptime”, and I find “gid”, but this item is not of my file. Documentation must be update ?

Finally, I’ve difficulties to have “upload_file_minidump”, impossible to get that
In my php file on server

>    if(isset($_POST["ver"])){
>     $ver = $_POST["ver"];
>     $platform = $_POST["platform"];
>     $guid = $_POST["rept"];
>     $_version = $_POST["_version"];
>     $_productName = $_POST["_productName"];
>     $prod = $_POST["prod"];
>     $_companyName = $_POST["_companyName"];
>     $upload_file_minidump = $_POST["upload_file_minidump"];
>     $today = getdate();
>     $demande = "INSERT INTO tab (date,vers,platform,guid,_version,_productName,prod,_companyName,upload_file_minidump) VALUES ('$date_fuseau','$ver','$platform','$guid','$_version','$_productName','$prod','$_companyName','$upload_file_minidump')";
>     $connexion->exec($demande);

On my upload.log
<b>Notice</b>: Undefined index: upload_file_minidump in <b>/***/public_html/getcrashreporter.php</b> on line <b>28</b><br />

Thank you !


You are right; the documentation needs to be updated.

I don’t know anything about PHP but Electron attaches the crash report to the payload in the same way files are attached to a multipart/form-data form. So how ever you handle that situation in PHP should apply to the Electron payload as well.

It is javascript not PHP but you can see how I handle the POST from Electron’s crash reporter here (i.e. there is nothing different from handling an HTML form):