Issue: cannot select text using pageup/down


When shift is down, it’s possible to add lines to the selection using arrow keys. However, pageup/down won’t work to quiclky select more text.

(pageup/down correctly works when shift key isn’t down)

Hope it will be fixed!


Agree with this 100%. It would also be nice to know whether this is available with a custom editor command – I poked around a bit and couldn’t figure it out.


+1, I use this very frequently. Missing it while using Atom!


On the latest build (0.106.0), I’m observing that I can select text using shift+pagedown but not shift+pageup.


It appears they’re both mapped in the default keymap:

Can you use the Keybinding Resolver Cmd+. and see what Atom actually thinks you’re typing?


Ah, found the culprit. I had previously messed around with my local keybindings trying to fix the problem, and I had something overriding the shift-pageup keystroke in my local keymapping.

On my end, it looks like this issue can be closed as of the latest build.