Is/will access to OS X system services available?


I have a couple of workflows that I’ve gotten really used to that revolve around access to OSX system services (through global shortcuts and so on). Things like piping text selections through external programs, appending text selections from various sources to a single file, etc. So far I have seen no way to access these services in Atom and I was wondering if this is something that is coming, or if it is even possible. Those workflows seem to work in almost all the other editors on my system (Brackets, Sublime Text, Byword, etc.).

I know that I can recreate this behavior in Atom, but it seems a bit redundant at this point since I use the functionality more widely across the OS.



Completely agree! I too use several Services to assist with blogging and text editing. Brett Terpstra’s SearchLink is a necessity in my writing and without access to Services, I have to open in another editor to run the Service and then back to Atom.


+1,000,000. This is essential.


It’s interesting, the kind of things people seem to regard as “essential”.

I have never heard of or used this kind of service, but it does sound like a useful thing to have as an option.
Is there any documentation on how this stuff is supposed to work?


Not a mac user then? They are extremely useful, customisable global/contextual menu items available across OS X. Mac apps sometimes supply them, or you can easily make them yourself using Automator (which can run any script you can write, in any language). So they can do pretty much anything you can think of. Plus you can give them a keyboard shortcut.

I have loads of them and find them essential. They are available in 99% of mac apps via the {Application} > Services menu natively. But for some reason, Atom seems to have disabled it/not implemented it. It shows up in the GitHub mac app.

I don’t particularly want to have to re-impliment all these services as Atom packages. (I have things like ‘insert dummy text’, ‘insert date’, ‘sort lines A-Z’ etc) for example.

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Yep. Services are quite useful , and I’m using too Brett’s MD Service Tools.
Unluckily only some of them are correctly recognised.


I’m also a major user of Brett’s Markdown Service Tools. The fact that Atom doesn’t support Services is, well, maddening. I’m considering switching back to ST3 until this feature gets traction, and that’ll be a shame since I really enjoy using Atom.


There is an Issue open on this here:

And it looks like work has been done to enable it:

We’ll still have to wait for it to bubble up through to Atom Core, but it is promising that progress is being made.


This is great news! Thanks for looking into this issue for us.


This is still a pretty big deal Mac users, and I’d love to see this implemented.

But no new information in nearly 18 months.


Well, Services in general were added but not the NSText services. The new Issue for NSText services is here: