Is this a bug? Possible loss of data due to race condition with atom restoring files at startup and the OS initiatilsing network connections


I’m using a Mac and I have noticed that if Atom loads at OS login (e.g. it restores a previous session), it tries to reload the files that were previously opened.

If these files are on a network drive, Atom can sometimes open them before the network is ready, resulting in Atom opening the file with blank contents instead of their actual contents.

When I close Atom, it then says the file is different from the disk contents and would I like to save.

Obviously clicking YES would be an error as it would blank the file contents. (I have not actually clicked it for obvious reasons) hence why I ask “is this a bug?”.

I would expect Atom to just not load the file, rather than make a new blank version of it with the same name.


I’m generally of the opinion that something that works contrary to what the majority of users would expect is a bug. Have you checked the Atom Issues list?