Is there way to open 14MB file?


I’ve this file:

It is a dictionary, when I try to open it my Atom editor crash.

Is it my mistake?


It opens in Atom for me, but that’s not a text file. There’s nothing readable in it.


Thanks for reply

File is .zip, unzip it and you will get a “gr.dic”.
Please test if you can open it


.zip is a very common file extension and every modern operating system has a native utility to open it. I’d be surprised if someone didn’t know what a .zip file was.

No, the .dic file is completely unreadable.


Can you test that “it.dic” instead :



That one crashes Atom for me, but it opened successfully in Notepad++ and has a bunch of Italian words in it.


Same here, I could see a bit of the file but the editor remained unresponsive until I got this error message: