Is there something like Bootstrap available for Electron?


Basically a set of pre-defined CSS classes, icons, and maybe even JavaScript helpers for building native-looking apps?

It doesn’t have to be Electron-specific. Something built on React would be nice too.



You can check I did this to help user create better desktop app in Electron. It provide a pre-defined CSS classes, icons and a developing ui-kit for users to start up Electron. it is based on Polymer.

BTW: It is 100% free and use the MIT license:

Here are some screen-shots:

And here are what we have done in using it:


I’m pretty sure you could just use Bootstrap too. Atom used Bootstrap for a long time, though it has been pulling it out as much as possible.


Ionic was developed for the same thing as a front end for angular


Isn’t Ionic for mobile apps though?


Found this:


It always bothers me how Electron is extremely well suited for cross-platform development but a great part of the libraries/frameworks for it just scream MAAAAAAAAC


The given Github link by you shows “NO PAGE FOUND”


You can just use Bootstrap. I’ve been using Bootstrap in my application without issue. You just need to make sure that you properly import jquery.


This might be the editor-framework package mentioned previously:

It looks like it has some stuff that would be useful, and some things are duplicates of what atom already does. Might be a good source for code for your own framework.


I use Material UI (components for React inspired by material design)

I think it’s good library, although sometimes default behavior/look is not enough for me (fortunately it’s customizable). Although I’m making something very specific (Electron based code editor/IDE) and Material UI seems more fitted for mobile apps (you can use it everywhere, though)


There is too the Atom UI :

In PR, you can see an interesting contribution.

In reallity, you can use every kind of UI library, like Bootstrap, Material, Topcoat, Semantic, UiKit, PureCSS, etc…


Slightly off-topic, but any idea how come those PRs haven’t been merged?


Yes, you can just use Bootstrap. I have done so successfully, that is, use Electron with Bootstrap 3.x.