Is there some type of file preview?


When you click a file in sublime, it shows a preview and doesn’t open a new tab each time you click a file (it can get annoying when I’m searching for something in my files, having to close all those tabs afterwards…)

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+1 I think this is the best way also. If you want to open the file, double-click to persist the tab


Sublime will also only open the file once you start typing the a file being previewed (as well as double clicking the file)


+1 this is a really cool feature in Sublime Text! But it will be nice to add a status to those temporary tab… and like ST, double click or edit the tab to “really” open it.


Agreed, when browsing big projects my tabs are flooded with unwanted files…

Preview option like what Sublime offers would be great.


+1 this is essential.

Here is the Atom Tree View repo, surely this feature could be included.


Yes please add this feature.

Every time I start developing, I can’t ever see my tab names because there are so many of them!


There’s an open issue/pull request for this functionality: – hopefully won’t be too long.


This is one of my favorite features of Sublime and already one of the most frustrating non-features of Atom for me.


+1 agree with everyone here. I love that about ST2.


+1 Specifically the preview while using the file finder. I often arrow through various similar files to find the one I want. It’s also an efficient way to explore unfamiliar code without polluting the workspace with unwanted tabs.


Another voter supporting this feature. It’s actually quite annoying that it opens a tab each time a file is clicked.


While I agree that this is a neat feature, I don’t believe I want the devs to put this in. Perhaps we can get more creative with our file-preview functionality instead of upright copying off of sublime.

I only say this because I’m afraid if we continue to try and make Atom like Sublime, then that’s exactly what we will end up with – another Sublime. Rather, I want for Atom to have more character than that. Atom should have file-previewing features, but maybe not in the same way that Sublime does it.


I’m definitely on board with “not just a Node.js Sublime” but an editor that takes the best ideas of all the editors we’ve worked with and then add some out-of-the-box thinking to maybe come up with something that is better than all of them. Which reminds me, I need to set aside some time to write up other thoughts I’ve had …

Better Syntax Highlighting

+1 for this feature ! Though I do agree with @MofuJofu, I can’t see an easier way to preview a file than clicking it in the sidebar.

Maybe when you click a file the window splits in two, and you can preview the file on the left hand window? And double clicking/editing adds the tab and goes to the file. Just a thought.


This one of those features that if you don’t put it in, you’re another step behind. If you get too “creative” with features just because you want to be different ( like splitting the window for preview ) then you’re just being silly. There is absolutely NO reason not to take the good ideas and use them, regardless of where they came from.

There are a lot features that are reasons I choose the editors that I do. This is one features, along with single clicking to preview/open files and folders in the menu. I would have loved to use Textmate also, but you have to double click files and folders to open them. So why should I bother with textmate when I can get the same features + the other features that I want on a different editor.


Since opinions on how to preview files are entirely subjective, the devs should try and package several different methods of file-preview to allow the users to chose how they want to preview files.


+1 need this feature.


+1 This feature is pretty critical. Didn’t realize how much I needed it until now.


I personally rarely even use tabs at all. In fact, as soon as I discovered it was possible, I turned the tabs package off.