Is there seriously not a Perforce integration package?


At my office, we are being compelled to use Perforce. I don’t think this should be an impediment to using Atom! I’m sort of shocked to discover that no one has written a plugin to integrate Perforce workflows (automatic checkout and whatnot). I’m inclined to go ahead and start one, but I wanted to send up a signal flare before I did, just in case my google-fu has failed me and such a thing actually already exists.


There is an issue on atom/atom and I think it is being worked on.

BTW, in my opinion your subject is a little insulting using the word “seriously”.

Edit: I just saw your username. So maybe I should have expected a little bit of insult. (grin)


Ah, I wasn’t thinking of the form of tight integration that Atom currently offers with git.

[quote=“mark_hahn, post:2, topic:14813”]
BTW, in my opinion your subject is a little insulting using the word “seriously”.
[/quote] Sorry about that. It wasn’t meant to be insulting – I was just trying to convey my shock and amazement, given the breadth of packages out there. Usually when I’m trying to be insulting, I use profanity :slight_smile:


Yes, there is a tremendous breadth, getting breadthier. (grin) I’m sure eventually someone (you?) will add whatever feature you want.

Probably the reason there isn’t perforce support yet is that most Atom users use git and GitHub. Github doesn’t support perforce, does it?


[quote=“mark_hahn, post:4, topic:14813”]
Github doesn’t support perforce, does it?
[/quote] Nope! AFAIK, Github supports git, and that’s it.


While GitHub may not support Perforce, it does support Subversion clients even though the repositories are still stored as Git:


Just now saw this. I’ve written a perforce package and have been using it now for a few months. Suggestions/improvements/questions on it are welcome.