Is there official documentation on upgrading atom on Linux?


I’m not sure what the best way to upgrade Atom is since it is the only program I use that was not installed through a Package Manager. Is there official documentation somewhere on this? If not is there at least some good community documentation?

Since there is no official PPA(a different discussion entirely), it would nice if there were at least upgrade instructions somewhere on the atom site.


Atom installation script for Fedora/Ubuntu

To my understanding, it is the same as the install instructions … just download the latest version and install it again. It just installs over the older version, I believe. It would be good if this was made clear in the instructions though.

There is an Issue open tracking the need for an official PPA here:


Thanks, I’ll try that.

Thanks for the link. I have been following that issue for a while now(since 1.0.0) and currently there does not seem to be any end in sight. I was hoping I could get by without an upgrade long enough to just switch to an official ppa.


This is a sh script I use to update Atom. It updates to the latest commit on the master branch, but you can change ATOM_BRANCH to stable or beta for those releases. You’ll need to have the required build tools installed. I saved it as ~/bin/update-atom, added ~/bin to my PATH and now I can run update-atom from anywhere :smile:


ATOM_BRANCH=master # master or stable or beta

if ! [[ -d $ATOM_REPO ]]; then
  mkdir -p $ATOM_REPO
  git clone $ATOM_REPO

git checkout $ATOM_BRANCH
git pull
script/build && sudo script/grunt install


That script looks pretty good. Adding a repository for the Linux package managers would probably still be a better solution, though.

It’d be nice if the Atom developers were to do this for us, but I believe many (most?) of them actually use OS X. Fortunately, Atom is open source and well-documented, so if there are any other Ubuntu users who’d really like to have an Atom PPA, you might get around to starting the repo yourself before the Atom developers do, and you’d be providing a greatly appreciated service to the Atom/Ubuntu community.

I use Fedora, so I’m thinking of creating an Atom repository, but I need to read more about how RPM and COPR packaging works first. (TO ALL OTHER FEDORA USERS, it wouldn’t hurt my feelings if you beat me to it!)

EDIT: Apparently there already is a COPR which I believe rebuilds Atom, and another (unofficial) repo for both Debian and Fedora which mirrors the original packages on the Atom GitHub.

Good enough for me.


There is an unofficial PPA. Don’t remember where. I myself just download from each time. It takes less than a minute to download and install.


Okay, so maybe the point is that the Atom website and documentation should at least list links to the unofficial repos, for those who want a convenient update process more than they care about making sure it’s the “official” release.


Wouldn’t that make them official? @leedohm should put it in the faq.


Hello Everyone

I have created a discussion 4 days ago regarding Atom installer

and I have been told it is a duplicate discussion, and it is closed, so allow me to share the installer I created with Python 3, and I hope if anyone could check/update/change the source to be better and include other Linux flavours.

Please find my script on git hub