Is there any way to see the current Atom selector?

Hello, since I’m not sure the question is self-explanatory I’ll make an example: is there a way Atom can show me something like: atom:settings when I’m in settings, atom:packages when in packages, atom:tree view when in the tree view etc?

Show where and when?

Hello, I was thinking about showing it somewhere at the left bottom (but the position isn’t really that important). About the when: do you know when in Paint you move the cursor and the program constantly tell you the x and y pixel value? That’s what I’d like Atom to do. This is because I’m trying to mess around with keymaps, styles etc, but I don’t understand which operation (e.g.: settings-view:open) is under which selector and therefore I don’t know how to proceed. Another example: CTRL-C is set both to body --> core:copy and to .platform-darwin atom-text-editor --> script:kill-process but I don’t have a way to know when I’m in the first selector and when in the second one.

I’ve tried to get some info by using the keymapper resolver but I still have problems in figuring out most of the stuff. For example, I don’t know how to give a color to hypertext or to current tab when it’s a setting tab (not asking for help on these operations, it’s just an example)

What you’re looking for is the atom dev tools (View > Developer > View Developer Tools). The button I’ve outlined in red will give you the cursor hover functionality you’re looking for:

You can also (with that Elements tab open) just scroll through the things surrounding what you’re looking at. That span for example is wrapped by an li, which is in turn wrapped by an ol, which has more wrappers all the way up to the div.tree-view you were asking about originally.

There are a few things that are hard to find in this view (mostly temporary things like selections) because they’re not at the top Z-level. For those, check out

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Thank you very much! I knew about the existence of Developer Tools but I never thought of using it for this purpose! Also, thanks for the Atom Tweaks link. I’ve never heard of it before, will be sure to dig it properly :slight_smile: