Is there any way to have separate Nuclide and vanilla Atom installs?


I am about to work on a react project and don’t have time to fuss with tools. my Atom environment is already loaded with packages for working with JS especially but also general utility packages, but it’s not really purpose buiilt to work on react. Given the breadth and dramatic changes that Nuclide brings, I don’t think it will play nicely with all my packages, especially linting.
I know I could just disable all my packages every time and re-enable nuclide, but I don’t really want to do that because it adds several minutes of grunt work any time i want to switch environments (probably most days)
So, is there any way to have my existing Atom install alongside a second one thats specifically for Nuclide? since I tried out atom-ide recently intending to install it on the Atom, I realized that the beta still shares the same configuration files and all with normal Atom, so that won’t work either.
Any good ideas on how to deal with this (on a Mac)? Or is my best option to bug the nuclide team to somehow make a separate/sandboxedish version of Atom specifically for Nuclide, which has its own config directories etc. (Which 100% wont happen any time soon, if they’re even in favor of the idea at all)


The easiest way is to set up one instance of Atom in portable mode. The down side is that you have to update that one manually. An alternative would be to set up a batch script that swaps between config.cson files, but if you did that, you wouldn’t be able to use both configurations simultaneously.


Maybe a beta instance and a stable one.
Seem a bit of a hack though :slight_smile:


Thanks for the suggestions, guys (although the beta/stable idea doesn’t work unfortunately :frowning:
I did research and found this github issue about nuclide which pretty much confirmed there will never be any standalone / sandboxed version. They think it’s best to just disable all your packages besides the ones that play nicely with Atom and enable Nuclide, and vice versa when going back, which will take not only minutes of pointless clicking but also, I have no idea which of my packages will work or be used (i.e. will it let me use standard and standard-format for linting?) until I either try every one indivudually, which would take a day or more, or to just leave em all disabled or enabled and either not have features i like from packages or randomly run into weird behavior from conflicting packages.

Thanks DamnedScholar, I’ll guess I will have to settle for that. I’ll also consider automating it either with shell scripting or applescript or Alfred or whatever.


So to anyone interested, I found this package which claims to do almost exactly what I was looking for: asm2 (no link, my old one was wrong)


Nice. You added the link backwards, though, so clicking on that tries to go to a site called http://asm2.