Is there any way to create documentation for Atom in PDF format from the command line?


Hi, I know that some free and open-source software can compile their own docs from the command line in PDF or HTML format (both for offline use) if supplied a simple command. For example for SageMath the following command:

sage -docbuild reference pdf

builds the entire reference manual for the version of SageMath installed on one’s machine, in PDF format. Is Atom capable of something similar? Like I know that the flight manual for the latest edition exists for offline use in several formats for which the download links may be found here, but I was wondering if atom has similar capabilities to SageMath and can build its own docs from the command line. Not just building the flight manual either, the API docs too. If this capability doesn’t exist I’d sure like to request that Atom’s developers consider developing it sometime in the near future.


No, there isn’t a method for doing that built in to Atom. On the other hand, I built (but haven’t had much time lately to improve) my Endokken tool for generating HTML documentation from Atom packages that follow the AtomDoc format. And it works on the main Atom repository too … at least for documentation of the items that exist in the main Atom repository.


Here’s a little shell script I found somewhere on the CrunchBang forums to read man pages in pdf format:

man -t $1 | ps2pdf - $file
evince $file

rm $file

It’s fairly easy to modify it to just generate the pdf. Sadly, Atom doesn’t have man pages yet, so for now this is fairly useless for Atom… Still I think it’s a nice thing to have :smile: