Is there any way to completely disable the "Docks" feature?


The new docks feature in Atom is wreaking havoc on my workflow. Packages and themes I use probably won’t be updated to adapt to the changes for some time, if ever, and thus everything is all over the place whenever I open up a project.

Is there any way to disable the Docks feature completely and go back to the way Atom was before?

I am aware that I could just nuke the current install and go back to version 1.16, but being permanently stuck on an old version isn’t really a solution.


You can disable all packages that use docks, then clone the tree-view repo and find out which release was the last one before docks. Run apm install and apm link, then reload Atom and the stock tree-view will be overloaded with your downgrade.


Thanks! I’ll try that.

Will this be overwritten if I allow atom to update in the future?


No. Atom will upgrade its internal tree-view as normal, but if you are overriding a core package like that, Atom will always defer to the external one. Don’t download it into .atom/packages, though. I keep a github/atom folder that contains all of the packages I’ve downloaded to tweak or experiment with.