Is there any proxy settings?

Is there a way to set some proxy parameters ?

Yeah, work in a place where they love proxy …


This is a deal-breaker for anyone working behind a proxy. The app doesn’t respect OS X’s built-in proxy controls, and provides no preferences within the app itself. I’d rant about how that’s a basic requirement for any app that touches a network, but I’ll hold my tongue for now.


Same problem here, but hey we can develop a proxy package in CoffeeScript lol

Same thing, they really :heart: a proxy here.

I’m not particularly familiar with the Atom’s internals, but I wonder if this is related with how Node.js access the network. Maybe it is possible to define a proxy in ~/.atom/config.cson?

Also, I think this topic should be under the Support category. What do you think @alienlebarge?

+1 for proxy support. Its difficult to install packages if it does not work with the system proxy.


Atom respects the http_proxy and https_proxy env variables. Simply do

http_proxy= https_proxy=


Thanks for the answer @ioannis.

But I haven’t find how to set those variables …
With wich app can I edit to set them ?

You misunderstood. You don’t need to edit anything just run the example I’ve showed you as is (replace the IP’s with the right proxy ofc) from the Terminal.

Sorry @ioannis , but I can’t make it work.

From the Applications folder

$ http_proxy=http://localhost:3128 https_proxy=http://localhost:3128

bash: No such file or directory

I’m a Terminal newbie…

You need to be at the root of the directory where Atom is installed. So if it’s in Applications make sure you cd /Applications before running the command

Get it !

I was in my ~/Applications folder instead of the root /Applications

Thanks !

UPDATE never mind, I was missing the credentials user:pass@proxy-address

@ioannis Not sure why, but when configuring these values, I get the following error inside Atom:

env http_proxy= \
    https_proxy= \
    /Applications/ .

tunneling socket could not be established, cause=Parse Error

Found this link via Google and was struggling to get it to work…
Running Mavericks on a Mac Mini we were required to use sudo before the following command.

Hope this helps!


Good to know :smile:

the editor seems to forget the settings on close however. :frowning:

Anyone got a solution for this?


Just a bump on this one. Adding proxy settings would make life much easier.

If you install the shell commands you don’t need to type the entire path of the application to run it. In Atom, bring up the command palette and choose Window: Install Shell Commands. After that you can just type atom [file path] where [file path] is the optional path to a file you want to edit.
Eg atom ~/.zshrc will edit the .zshrc file in your home directory.

You can also add the proxy settings to your shell profile file. This has the advantage of setting the proxy every time you open up a terminal. If you use bash (if you don’t know what shell you use you’re probably using bash, as it’s the default for OSX) the file you want is ~/.bash_profile (if you use zsh I’m guessing you don’t need to be told it’s at ~/.zshrc).

Open this file up and add these lines to make all your command line apps respect the system proxy settings:

export http_proxy=$(proxy-config -h)
export https_proxy=$(proxy-config -s)
export ftp_proxy=$(proxy-config -f)

No joy, I have my proxy settings exported in my .profile and Atom is still not respecting them. This is definitely something that will push me back to Sublime Text.

Can someone please include instructions for modifying these settings on Windows?

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