Is there any package to complete document or element?


I am looking for some package that can show the properties of the dom.
For instance:

  • Element. (then, atom shows me all the properties of class Element)
  • document.wri… (then, atom shows me all the properties of document)

Thank you!


The ide-typescript package has smart autocompletion.


Thanks DamnedScholar

I have installed the ide-typescript package and restarted atom but it seems doesn’t run at all.

Does I have to do something more to activate? I have the package enabled

Thanks again


I don’t know. Other people have had difficulty activating it, but I have no insight into how that particular piece of software works. I’ve had it on for months and don’t remember any difficulty.



Thank you for all you help

I must go on in my way to discover it.



Did you also follow this highlighted direction?..



Thanks again danPadric but it still doesn’t work for now.
I just installed sublime and it worked the first time.

I think I will work with sublime insted of atom at the end.

Thanks for all your interest and follow-up

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Thank you for the feedback.

You may want to try vsCode.


Thank you.

I will go to try right now. It looks very nice.

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